About us

The Artifice is an international collective of artists who strive to create amazing artwork to share with the world founded by Grigori Shevtsov and Stu Ballinger in late 2013.

Our family, as we like to call it, is focused on creating themed online exhibitions consisting of new artworks in various styles. For audience worldwide by artists worldwide.

Over the past year our internal community has grown close, friendly, and willing to help each other. Inspired by each other we work together as a team to show the world what we got.

While most of us focus on digital art, we're open for photographers, animators, traditional, motion graphic, sound, and film artists.

For two and a half years we have been a closed community with invite only policy to build a tight community within Artifice. It's time for a change.

Starting february 2016 The Artifice has opened it's doors to new active artists eager to join us in a form of artist application. All new applications go through our staff and active members for voting.

Personal features

Occasionally we feature personal works of our members if they submit any.

If you're a member and want your work to be featured in Artifice's feed, please email it to our submission email with a title "Personal feature".

Apply for Artifice membership

You can now apply for Artifice membership by contacting us on Facebook,

Grigori via Twitter or Behance,

or Stu via Twitter or Behance.

Please provide us with a link to your portfolio/gallery and tell us about yourself.